Commintment to Quality

That comes from strict adherence to standards.

Commintment to Excellence

That comes from meticulous attention to details.

Commintment to Sustainability

That comes from a genuine concern for the environment.

Commintment to Workmanship

That comes from generations of foundry knowledge.


Weight Range

The following are the machining dimensional capacities

Operation Diameter Length Width Height
Turning Up to 1000 mm  Up to 3000 mm - -
Boring Up to 1400 mm  - - Up to 1000 mm
Plano - Milling - Up to 3000 mm  Up to 1300 mm Up to 500 mm

Manufacturing Processes include

Process Single Piece Capacity Annual Production Capacity
Static Castings Up to 5000 kgs 6000 MT
Horizontal Centrifugal Castings Up to 1600 kgs  500MT
Horizontal Centrifugal Castings Up to 35 kgs 240 MT