Commintment to Quality

That comes from strict adherence to standards.

Commintment to Excellence

That comes from meticulous attention to details.

Commintment to Sustainability

That comes from a genuine concern for the environment.

Commintment to Workmanship

That comes from generations of foundry knowledge.



The major facilites include

  • Basic and Acid lined Induction Furnaces (5 in number)
  • Investment Castings : We have all the necessary machineries in our Investment Casting Division.
  • Moulding Machines
  • Centrifugal Casting Machines
  • Sand Plant Equipment
  • Oil Fired Heat Treatment Furnaces with Quenching Facilities
  • Fettling Equipment
  • Qualified Welders for rectification
  • Shot Blasting Machines
  • Well equipped Pattern and Storage Shop
  • FARO Portable CMM and Scanner
  • Magma Simulation Software
  • BFW Vertical Machining Center
  • Well equipped Machine Shop with facilities for turning, boring, milling, plano milling, shaping. drilling, slotting and power hacksaws.