Commintment to Quality

That comes from strict adherence to standards.

Commintment to Excellence

That comes from meticulous attention to details.

Commintment to Sustainability

That comes from a genuine concern for the environment.

Commintment to Workmanship

That comes from generations of foundry knowledge.


RRL Steels produces high grade ferrous alloy castings using sand, centrifugal, and investment casting processes. With excellence in workmanship, we focus on meticulous details and adhere to industry standards. With expertise that comes from generations of foundry knowledge, we strive towards customer satisfaction, ensuring innovation and superiority in production - the driving force behind every casting we deliver.


The foundry division of RRL Steels was established in 1981 and is located at Howrah, a sprawling industrial township, about 4 kilometres from Kolkata, India. Our plant is backed by a workforce of over hundred people. A much larger, sophisticated, full-infrastructure, full-service unit will soon come up at the Foundry Park near Ranihati, Howrah. Certified as an ISO 9001:2015 company, RRL Steels exports castings to numerous countries, in addition to serving some major Indian companies.